“C” Frame Design

Laboratory work tables with a C-frame design provide excellent strength and weight-bearing capacity to the work tables. The worktop is mounted on a “C” frame structure made of 60 mm x 30 mm x 2 mm pipes welded together and powder coated with pure epoxy powder for high chemical resistance.

Extremely steady and can withstand a load of 200 kg/m². It provides users with a large amount of knee and legroom with mobile and suspended under bench units. We do provide the Height adjustable feet, which can be used to obtain a straight horizon.

“C” Frame relatively easy to shift and allows for easy portability of the cabinets. it offers you a high load bearing capacity so that you can place your heavy lab equipment’s on it. The cabinets can be easily moved, you get easy access to the rare ducts and you can easily carry out maintenance of your utility services without disturbing your lab equipment’s.


MOC Galvanized steel (GI) / Stainless Steel 304/316
Type of Bench Wall Bench / Island Bench
"C" Frame "C" frame structure made of 60 mm x 30 mm x 2 mm Thickness
Work Top Black Jet Granite 18mm / Stainless Steel 304/316
Electric Panel Race way / Reagent rack
Hardware Knuckle Type SS 304 2mm Hinges “KITCH” make
Drawer Telescopic – “Hettich” make
Locks - “Hettich” make
Handle – Aluminium Counselled Type