Purpose. Chemical fume hoods, when used properly, are one of the most reliable engineering controls in the laboratory. They protect workers by: Containing vapours, dusts, gases, and fumes generated within the hood, and removing them as air flows into the hood and then out via the laboratory exhaust system.


  • Bench Type Fume Hood
  • Low Bench Type Fume Hood
  • Walk in Type Fume Hood


MOC Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
STD Sizes 1200mm I 1800mm I 2400mm (L) X
915mm (W) X 2300mm (H)
Body Structure Body Structure made from 18SWG (1.2mm) CRCA,
Inner lining of Rear & top baffles in 6mm thick
phenolic resin construction should be chemical &
heat resistant with smooth finish.
Base Cabinet Shutters with Shelves 18SWG (1.2mm) CRCA
Working Top Black Jet Granite 20mm with 20mm skirting covered, 1No. oval shaped cup sink in PP for drainage water.
Shash 5mm Toughened glass with vertical rising shutter
Air foil Aerodynamic Type
Valves Air / Nitrogen / Vaccum / Water
Duct Damper Min 200mm Diameter in PP construction complete with flanges with both sides & manual operation handle.
Electric Panel 5A MCB Switch For Fluorescent Light 5A / 16A MCB Switches & sockets