Plinth Frame Work Benches are suitable for chemical testing in a Laboratory consists of an assembly of a combination of storage modules with drawers & shutters or only shutter with shelf inside and Tops of selected material. Laboratory work tables with plinth design is where the work top is mounted directly on a base of modular plinth-mounted cabinets.

This type of design provides flexibility in terms of easy change in the configuration of the work table in the future.


MOC Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
Module Size 450mm I 500mm I 600mm I 750mm (L) X 500mm (W) X 750mm I 900mm (H)
Module Body 19SWG (1mm) CRCA
Base Structure 18swg. (1.2mm) CRCA
Table Top Black Jet Granite 18mm
Electric Panel Race way I Reagent rack