Plinth Framework Benches are suitable for chemical testing in a Laboratory consists of an assembly of a combination of storage modules with drawers & shutters or only shutter with shelf inside and Tops of selected material. Laboratory worktables with plinth design is where the work top is mounted directly on a base of modular plinth-mounted cabinets.

This type of design provides flexibility in terms of easy change in the configuration of the worktable in the future.

Every module cabinet is designed as per modular theme so it can be assembled (fitted) to other module table as per your choice. There are two table heights are defined for working in laboratory. 900mm table height is considered as standing and 750mm table height is considered as sitting.


MOC Galvanized Steel (GI) / Stainless Steel 304/316
Type of Bench Wall Bench / Island Bench
Base Frame GI 130mm x 1.25mm / Stainless Steel 304/316 (1.25mm)
Work Top Black Jet Granite 18mm / Stainless Steel 304/316
Electric Panel Race way / Reagent rack
Hardware Knuckle Type SS 304 2mm Hinges “KITCH” make
Drawer Telescopic – “Hettich” make
Locks - “Hettich” make
Handle – Aluminium Counselled Type