Neptune Steel Furniture is known for the manufacturer and supplier of the best quality Dynamic Pass Box with high accuracy.

Dynamic pass box is used to transfer material from an uncontrolled environment to controlled environment. It is works like an airlock. It may be cascade, Sink and Bubble type. Dynamic pass box has a system which is known as interlock guard located on both sides. An interlock monitor framework controls the in let and the out let of PASS BOX not be opened simultaneously, so as to forestall the cross pollution.

From the time being, we are helping our clients with the proper installation process of the Dynamic pass box in their industrial setups.


Cleanliness Dust counts exceeds Class 100 requirements as per ISO 14644 & IEST-RP-CC001.3
Velocity at Grill 90 ± 20 FPM at 150 mm From HEPA Filter Face, (0.45 ± 0.05 m/s)
MOC SS 304 / SS 316 (1 mm / 1.2 mm)
SS 304 Door Hinges and Door Handles
Pre Filter 5 Micron, EU5 grade with Efficiency 95% – Washable
(For Fresh Air & Recirculation) (Make: AAF) (American Air Filter)
HEPA Filter 0.3 Micron, H14 Grade with Efficiency 99.999%, Supply “AAF” HEPA Filter
Controller Electromagnetic Door Interlocking (Allows to open one door at a time)
1 Year warranty from the date of dispatch for Pass Box Controller set
(Magnet, Display, Connection Cables)
Motor Blower Statically & Dynamically Balanced Single/Double Inlet Centrifugal Type Motor Blower
(1 Year warranty from the date of dispatch for Motor Blower in case of any damage or fault after a year , New Blower will be charges as Extra. )
Magnehelic Gauge 0 to 25 MM, To measure differential pressure across HEPA Filter (Make: Omicron / Care / Nextech)
Speed Variable To adjust the speed of Motor Blower and maintain the required velocity
Electrical LED Light :- Diffused Fluorescent Lighting to provide an intensity of 300 LUX
UV Light :- 8W-11W (Make: Phillips) (Philips does not provide warranty for UV Lights. Fitting for UV Light has 6 Months Warranty from the date of Supply.
Display :- Two Line Digital Display with ON/OFF Buttons with LED Indication
Special features → Double Skin Body Construction, Recirculatory Plenum on Both Sides
→ Door Open / Close Delay Audio Visual Alarm UV Hour Meter (Inbuilt)
→ 30 MM Double Skin Doors with View Panel
→ Double Side 5 mm Toughened Glass
Noise Level Less than 65 DB on scale
Power supply 230V ± 10V, 50 Hz, Single Phase (Also Available in 3 Phase)
Documentation DQ, IQ and OQ Documents along with all Necessary Test Certificates
Validation Validation Charges Extra
Air Velocity | Particle Count | Recovery Test Integrity test |Smoke Study