Our company is manufacturing stainless steel cleanroom accessories for a longer period of time. The supplying and manufacturing of SS cleanroom accessories is done to reliable customers. The cleanroom accessories are designed according to the demand of the customers. The production and manufacturing of the equipment are designed according to the current styles. The company provides all the required accessories demanded by the customers.

All the cleanroom accessories manufactured by the company after completion will go for quality test. We understand the quality and manufacturing of the products. All the accessories manufactured by the company after completion will go for quality test. The quality checking department will check the material used in the equipment is of high-quality or not. The complete product range will go under various stages of quality tests for assuring the perfect and satisfying quality of cleanroom accessories. This is an important step for the products and company as this will help them to check the material quality of their products as well as the satisfaction of their customers. Our company gives various features of the products of SS cleanroom accessories due to which our customers are happy with us. The service team of our company is very cooperative with our customers. They solve if any issue comes in the product very soon and fast.

MS First Aid Box

SS 4SInk Unit

SS 316 Calibrated Mug

SS 316 Liquid Sampler

SS 316 Scoops

SS Bucket

SS Cotainer With Lid

SS Cross Over Stair

SS Drain Trap Double Seal

SS Drain Trap Single Seal

SS First Aid Box

SS IPA Stand With Bottle

SS Ladder

SS Oil Can

SS Pallet

SS Pallet Truck

SS Petri Plate Stand

SS Sanitizer Stand With Bottle

SS Sink With Storage Tank

SS SOP Stand

SS Stair 2 Steps

SS Stairs 3 Steps

SS Tablet Counter

SS Tool Box

SS Tray

SS Wash Basin